Gawker Heroes: Antoinette Tuff

This past August, Michael Brandon Hill, a 20-year-old with a long mental-illness history, entered a Georgia elementary school with nearly 500 rounds of ammunition, an AK-47, and the stated intention to kill as many people as many as possible. After exchanging fire with the cops, Hill ended up in a drawn-out… » 12/19/13 2:12am 12/19/13 2:12am

I stayed at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast once. Laid awake in the bed next to where her mother died on the floor. The experience was well-documented: "About this time, Camille starts to show signs of being pretty freaked out." » 12/17/13 5:43pm 12/17/13 5:43pm

The 10 Most Horrifying Parts of Rolling Stone's Charles Manson Profile

Perhaps you heard the news that Charles Manson is maybe, possibly engaged to a 25-year-old? Or at least that's what Manson's paramour, Star (left, with her bb on the right), told Rolling Stone's Erik Hedegaard during the arduous process of assembling a lengthy profile on the very famous convicted murderer. » 11/22/13 5:21pm 11/22/13 5:21pm

About a year ago, my 80-something aunt died unexpectedly in Florida and I spent the hurricane in Tampa, with my dad, who is her only surviving sibling, and my aunt's incontinent widower, who frequently and loudly announced when he was peeing his pants and shit himself hourly while he sobbed about his wife's death. » 10/29/13 4:52pm 10/29/13 4:52pm

Banksy's Newest NYC Installation: The Grim Reaper in a Bumper Car

At dusk, Banksy revealed the newest piece in his month-long rampage of New York City's streets: a Grim Reaper in a scythe-powered bumper car, listlessly bobbing to Blue Öyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper." The installation sits at the corner of Houston and Elizabeth Streets and, according to Banksy's site, will… » 10/25/13 7:39pm 10/25/13 7:39pm

Soda Company Sending Metallica To Play in Icy, Cool Antarctica

Metallica, three music businessmen and one headbanging scab, just announced they will do something no men who shop at Armani and "accidentally" kick children have done before: They will have a sugarless, low-calorie soda beverage send them to perform on the icy, cool, refreshing land of Antarctica. » 10/24/13 6:57pm 10/24/13 6:57pm

Breaking Bad Fans Trampled Real Graves For Fake Funeral

This past Saturday, a group of Breaking Bad rubberneckers turned up for a mock funeral that mourned the AMC series' protagonist, Walter White. Pitched as a fundraiser for the homeless, the ceremony was held at a real cemetery in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where inconsiderate shitbags loitered on grave markers of real… » 10/23/13 8:06pm 10/23/13 8:06pm

Drunk Driver Who Confessed on YouTube Sentenced to Six-and-a-Half Years

Today, Matthew Cordle, the drunk driver who released a YouTube video last month confessing that he'd killed 61-year-old Vincent Canzani, was delivered a sentence of six-and-a-half years by an Ohio judge. CNN has a video of the ruling. » 10/23/13 1:49pm 10/23/13 1:49pm